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PROMOFILM - Dr. Reichel
Dr. Reichel, founder and director of Promofilm since 1989, studied Natural Science and Philosophy and besides his study worked as a cameraman for a renowned cultural film company . An extended career in international marketing for films and recording materials has brought about global experience as well as empathy for different cultures and mentalities. Asia with its long tradition and great history remains the great love.
Content and Design: Dr. Dieter Reichel
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Up to now most of our DVDs have been with german narration, however recently we started also with English voice over. 
Here are some of our English trailers (excerpts from English DVD's):
Komodo & Flores
Treasures of Turkey

For a preview trailer click on one of the film strips

Sri Lanka
Bali Dance Dramas
German narration with
    English subtitles.
Discoveries are only made with open eyes !
Lycia exists since 1989.
With the change from analog to digital the studio also turned into a fully digital workplace fitted with 2 editing computers and related professional software and periphery.
The gravity changed from initial Corporate-, Image- and Product videos to documentaries during the last 10 years. 
Why DVD traveldocumentaries ?

Documentaries do not replace printed guide books, readily put in one's pocket, however - they will convey the air and atmosphere  !!

Multimedia stirres emotion and therefore informations are much better retained and easier digested.
Travel documentaries therefore are great 
                  for initial stimulation
                  for travel preparation
                  as a vivid memory

We emphasize competent and comprehensible background informations.
The start of a new documentary is often preceeded by a yearlong research.
It is therefore not only the moving picture but also the clear and considered commentary - presented by a professional voice over - which contributes to
a better appreciation of the destination.

As an independent company we offer only films on DVD's solely and exclusively made by us in the new millenium. With experienced local partners and tourism organisations we capture genuine events and scenes. What can be seen in our documentaries, you may also experience yourself at the destination - we do not staged or unrealistic arrangements.

Price: US$ 30.- includes shipping.
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